April 25, 2009

  • i told you so

    last night i attended the gma awards. it was festive and i wore a suit jacket, mauvish in color. it is rare that i wear a suit jacket. i should do it more often as it made me feel grown up and productive. across the aisle from me sat one william baldwin and his wife chynna philips (you know, of wilson-philips, as in “hold on (for one more day)”, as in “you’re in love”, which means, she obviously knows and has spoken to at least one of the daughters of one brian wilson, which is, obviously, awesome.). i gave him (one william baldwin) a subtle thumbs up, as if to say, “hey man, you’re william baldwin and that is awesome. also your wife is chynna philips and that’s pretty cool too, ‘cause, you know, she probably has spoken to one of the wilson sisters and that wilson sister’s dad is brian wilson and all. it was the same thumbs up i gave to alec baldwin in the LA airport admirals club not a month ago. i wanted to tell both of them that their brother stephen called me one day 16 times in the span of 5 minutes. i didn’t though. instead, i gave them a thumbs up. i think it was enough.

    the gma awards are pretty spectacular. there are people like william baldwin there and chynna philips. these people usually present awards, or receive awards, because they are particularly awesome, and i think it’s pretty neat. i mean, once i received an award from brazilian soccer player pele and another time i received an award from one, bible man. both moments are memorable, and this is why they do this -– have awesome people present awards or announce categories.

    and so, i’m sitting there, on the front row, in a mauvish jacket, and this girl is standing there in front of me and she is about to make an announcement regarding the next category that an award will be given for particular awesomeness and i have the vague assumption that she is awesome because she is announcing this particular category and all, but i’m not paying particularly close attention. you see, i’ve been staring at my phone for most of the awards ceremony because we have web-cams in our studio and i am not there, since, obviously, i am many miles away at the aforementioned awards ceremony, and i’m watching some good friends of ours playing and singing in our studio and i am terribly distraught that i am not there while they are playing and singing because this is infinitely more awesome (these individuals whom i admire, playing and singing on our recording) than the awesome announcer standing before me announcing the next category of awards. apparently i should have been paying more attention to what was happening in my immediate, physical, surroundings as opposed to being attentive to the goings on of the world wide web.

    i vaguely recall hearing the words, “miss america” (seriously, that’s what i thought i heard. it turns out the words were actually “miss usa” and also there was a “1st runner-up” preceding them.) and then there was applause. this was to be expected. typically when people who are awesome are announced there is applause. and so i clapped. the applause continued. i was slightly confused because it passed the duration of typical applause-for-awesomeness length and then it began to swell in volume and so i started looking around. people were beginning to stand up while applauding. i was confused. it’s always difficult to know when it is appropriate to stand while clapping on the front row. if you stand too early you seem over eager. if you stand too late you seem aloof and callused to the moment. so i paid attention. to stand or not stand while clapping for miss america? also, there is the complication that she is exactly one foot in front of me. i decide to watch my good friend, william baldwin. he is standing. i should stand. and so i stand. it then becomes abundantly clear that i am standing exactly one foot from miss america and i have extended my hands to clap. my hands are located right in front of her face which makes them exactly two inches from her nose. she is turning around toward the audience and she is pageant waving, no lie, she is pageant waving. this is awesome. the thought crosses my mind, “wow, she has a great pageant wave!” and then i realize i am clapping my hands, exuberantly, two inches in front of her nose. she sort of ducks back. i, also, sort of duck back and immediately decide to sit back down since i have almost clapped miss america’s nose off and the thought occurs to me that she is probably pretty hacked off about me almost ruining her face and such. and so i sit. and this is when my wife grabs my arm and says, “do you even know why everyone is clapping?” to which i respond, “yeah, it’s miss america and that’s pretty awesome.” to which my wife covers her eyes and states, “this will totally be on cnn tomorrow.” and she was right!

    that was last night. this evening, we were sitting in tgi fridays in the dfw airport when i received a text message from a friend informing me that “i” was on the front page of tmz.com. one hour later i received another text message from a different friend informing me that they thought they just saw me on cnn. they had. awkwardly clapping. that was me.

    and so it is, with no foresight or thoughtfulness, i have become a politically polarizing artist.


    i still feel pretty good about my baldwin thumbs up though. i think we had a moment.

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  • Ha, that is hilarious. I totally saw you standing there awkwardly clapping. I laughed a little. If i had realized you didn’t even realize what you were clapping about. I would have laughed a lot. Like i’m doing now

  • i don’t think i can top “rofl.”


  • dood… Tomlin’s right there too…

  • quite goofy, the pose you are in.

  • louie kinda looks like he’s laughing at you haha

  • Not to hurt your efforts at humility, but you know that with you, Giglio, and Tomlin giving your approval, this woman can be said to have gotten the approval of arguably the three most important people in modern young adult Christianity.  It really is like a mob movie moment.

    (apologies to anyone else worth inclusion of such a list, were such a list to exist, and that list being “the three most important people in modern young adult Chrisitianity”.)

  • i liked the obvious checking from side to side before you stood up… way to play it cool.

  • hahaha aw you do look like you had an awkward moment.

    I went to tmz and watched the video….yeah you do look like you’re about to hit her in the face.

    *giggles* You’re still awesome though :D

  • dude, you’re not just clapping – you’re bowing down to miss america :D

  • I would give you a thumbs up if I ever went to an awards show. =]

    Seriously though, this is so awesomely funny in so many ways.

  • I literally mentioned to my wife that you almost stood up into her.  Still trying to figure out why the ovation was in order…. I think it’s because she has ‘America’ in her name….. or maybe ‘Runner’.

  • hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahhahahah!

    i can’t breathe!

    My abs hurt i’m laughing so hard!!!

  • Hahaha! thats way funny!

  • haha thanks for sharing this david, it’s hilarious! 

  • It doesn’t look like it was THAT bad… (I watched it on Youtube…)

  • he he he
    you are still awesome to me *thumbs up* ; )

  • That picture was more than likely one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. I just laughed for about 30 seconds straight. Fact.

  • part of me wishes this post was a bit more to the point.. i think we need that voice to be heard by the “in” crowd. 

  • After receiving a tweet from Mark Hall at the GMA Awards Ceremony, I actually could see you in the background of his TwitPic looking intently at your iPhone and probably typing something.  I thought it was pretty funny.

  • so awesome! There’s a video there too that shows the mentioned clapping incident. he he! So funny!

  • Wow. great story. :D

  • that’s actually pretty hilarious….

  • Mann, that is so, so funny, and the photo just tops it!

    Do you like Irn Bru?

    Glad the album is going well! 

  • funny story, but i would be wishing i hadn’t clapped for her, too.

  • that was hilarious

  • good story, great end

  • I totally saw you through out the whole ceremony on your phone…(from the balcony.)  So glad you were there, tho, & especially glad to have run into you at the airport in Nashville Wednesday!!!

  • i love hair and ur smile. its so cute

  • You totally gave me a laugh today! My husband sent me to your blog and I have to say, you are seriously one of the funniest blog writers I’ve read in a while! Thanks!

  • I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. You have a way of turning awkward and everyday moments into hilarity. It’s a gift. LOL  I totally love it.  Next time I see you, I’ll be sure to give you a thumbs up!

    BTW, run into any mean squirrels lately? (Sorry, just had to ask.) 

    P.S.  Oh, I don’t know all the exact details, but I do at least know why she was being applauded.

  • thats funny :)

    and its great that you felt “Grown up and productive” in a suit and jacket :D

  • Funny for many here, but not for everyone. Very painful for many.

  • the still picture actually makes it look more awkward than the video but wow….i about fell of my chair i was laughing so hard….you’ve made the tabloids now dude!!

  • i always enjoy your lengthy blog and the fact that you explain in great detail the way you felt and what you were doing and why.  i like to read it all.  now, this pic looks funny.  looks like you were not paying attention at all and you were actually looking at her bum.  lol.
    but seriously, leave your phone off, or at least look up once in a while

  • HAHAHAHA. well done.

  • You are indeed one of the “heterosexual people of faith” surrounding her and clapping. Perez Hilton must be pissed at you.

    I’m thinking many of the commenters here don’t know what the whole controversy surrounding her is about and why they are making such a big deal out of that happening at the Dove Awards. Who knew that TMZ is bad press for everybody including Jesus?

  • Miss California is going to be speaking at my school on Wednesday. If you would like me to offer an apology on your behalf for almost taking her nose off just let me know….hahaha

  • This has nothing to do with the topic but I just wanted to thank you for your book, Praise Habit. I am doing a bible study for our ninth grade sunday school class over it at my church and we bought a bunch of copies and it is really going awesome. God is really moving!

  • bwahhahaa. i was reading the story intently, thinking you were going to have some type of profound revelation. but no. there wasn’t one. you just almost clapped miss usa’s nose off. lol!

  • Oh yeah, and on a completely separate topic…

    I was at a YS event over the weekend and they showed both “Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway” and “Jesus is a Friend of Mine.” It made me think of you guys and laugh. :)

  • Hahahahahah that’s one of the best awkward stories I’ve heard!
    Looks like Chris Tomlin had a delayed slightly awkward clapping as well. =P

  • haha that is awesome. don’t get too distracted next timee

  • I was there and it wasn’t bad at all. I watched again on the TMZ video and even from another angle, it was not bad. No worries. :)

  • that’s hilariously wonderful.

  • your so lucky to even be at the gma WOW


  • SenoraLaura–I think most people are fully aware of why everyone was clapping for her. I think Crowder was aware of it, and it seems he was expressing a bit of angst for being caught in a photo related to the subject at hand. Perez Hilton is pissed because he is part of a demographic that is being discriminated against and most people are unwilling to be understanding because of bad theology and religious prejudice. We live in a nation grounded on freedom (supposedly). We don’t live in a theocracy.

    Or perhaps I’m reading too much into your comment. If I am, I apologize. If I’m not, I hope you see that there’s more to the story than a conservative, Christian perspective.

  • @JD — Actually, what you said is what I meant by my comment, my opening statement was sarcasm. And I’m not convinced that everyone who commented is aware that the blog is about more than just clapping to closely to the face of Miss USA runner-up, or at least I’d hope not judging by the sheer number of “ha ha’s.” As far as there “being more to the story than a conservative, Christian perspective,” that is what I meant by TMZ being bad PR for Jesus. The story makes it seem as though all Christians share her point of view when, in fact, there are many of us who may disagree.

  • Well, high five then. Thanks for clarifying. I feel better. Sorry if I was trigger happy.

  • You’re not the only awkward-looking one in this photo.  Louie is making a weird face too.  but Chris is smiling big, adding to the overall juxtaposition of the photo. :)

  • David! Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I am laughing right now and how much I laughed through that entire blog! SO GREAT! :)

  • you are about the coolest guy i “know”. not only are your songs absolutely amazing…you are a real person too! blundering out there and making fun of yourself! 

    Thumbs up to you!btw, this is absolutely hilarious! if we could all laugh a bit at our silliness we would def be laughing rather than fighting!

  • your so lucky to be at the gma’s

  • Hahaha.  Too funny.

    Oh, and you should check out this thing that this guy just made for me.

    It was made with a picture of you and stuff… It looks sweet. :)


  • also, Chynna Phillips is the daughter of Papa John and Mama Michelle Phillips of the Mama’s and the Papa’s, so she has a pretty good musical heritage of her very own.  Michelle was no Mama Cass, but she was on Knot’s Landing.

    i’ll have to tell you about my conversation with Joel Osteen’s wife at the Switchfoot concert.

  • @flowerspushthrudirt - woah. is that jesus in shades with drumsticks?

  • @emprise34 - Yes.  I thought that picture was so funny.  :)

    I put it as a desktop on every computer I touch.

    P.S.  Just so you know, your music/lyrics are incredible.  And they touch my life every day like no other christian artist has before.  :)

  • Just watched the vid on youtube….I would have never noticed any awkwardness if you hadn’t said anything!  I think it’s ok…no worries!!

  • There’s no way I’d call that jacket mauve. Is this another of these real-english vs american english issues?

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