June 3, 2009

  • priority tickets for church music tour on sale now!

    firstly, i need to point out that some fantastic entries were presented for me to pass along to bwack. i have added some of them to the end of my previous entry, the one pertaining to bwack and the green screen. mind bending for sure! you people are sick!!

    ok, now on to some other happiness –

    i am here to inform you, if you aren’t already aware, that tickets went up monday at noon for priority seating for our fall tour that will be in support of our “church music” album that will release on sept 22.

    we’ve secured a limited number of tickets at each venue that you can purchase for a limited time before the tickets officially go up for sale at your typical ticket outlets. this is good because –

    1) you can purchase in groups larger than 8
    2) you will be the first in the door at any general admission gatherings or on one of the first few rows at assigned seat gatherings
    3) this will make the evening much more enjoyable for all of us because the people who are nearest and dearest to us will actually be the ones who are literally nearest to us and therefore dearest to us because we will, at the point of seeing you there so near, become aware that you consider us dear to you because it will be obvious to us, seeing you there, so near, that it was important enough to you to be this near to us that you are in fact there – near to us, and this, in turn, will be interpreted to mean that we are also dear to you, since you did make such effort to be so near, and this will provoke a deep emotional response in us of dearness toward you, as has been previously pointed out, and this just feels right and happy and will surely add to an already pleasant night.

    so, act quickly, this way the anticipation can begin now and will grow exponentially until fever pitch is reached by the time we’re in the same space. it will sort of be like when you’re going on vacation and the looking forward to the vacation is almost as fantastic as being on the vacation, because on the vacation you actually got sunburned and lost your wallet, and also there was that food poisoning thing, but still, looking back, it was sure fun, the looking forward to the vacation. yeah, it will be like that.

    –––– also, when you place your order for the priority ticket, an email will be sent to you with a link for a free download of one of the new songs from “church music” that won’t be available other wise until sept 22.

    so, in summary: tickets so close that we will see your happy shining face and also a free song.

    ––––click here for tickets—-

    much love for your happy comments and mind bending bwack pictures and for your continued support of what we’re attempting to do as a band. seriously, much happiness and love!


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  • see you at creationfest east

  •  Not coming to Colorado… what a bummer!!!!

  • AHHHHH!!!!  When are tickets to Abilene going to go on sale?  That is only 5 hours from the house…..and a trip I can make.

    It is not nice to tease us with the prospect of getting tickets.

    I guess I must make hourly trips back to the website so tickets can be purchased when available.

  • Thank you for letting me know about the presale!  And thank you for coming to Detroit!  I got my tickets the moment I saw this! :)

  • thank you and blessings this summer for the trips you will be making.  what a voice for the King you are.  

  • Are you implying that those nearest and dearest to you will, in fact, come away from the festivities sunburned and missing their wallets, and therefore in retrospect, the anticipation of the gathering was actually better than the real thing?

  • huff! no where near me

  • I got My tickets to Vegas! It’ll be the first time I leave the state of CA! Please, Please, Please, come to Southern CA, you have many Near and Dear friends there!  Have a Blessed Day!!

  • what?? is Boston not big enough of a city to swing by??  :( ((

  • @jmgbme - Lol.  I thought that too.  A little frightening… but a risk I’m willing to take.

  • Your “woden shoe” pal here…I already have the tickets ordered, as you ARE near and dear to my heart!!!  I could not get to sleep last night in anticipation. So now for 5 months I can smile and wait….and wait….for you to arrive in Grand Rapids, Michigan!  The Big Day, when we can go laaa laaa  LAAAAA!!!  And it won’t be so cold that time of year either.  God Bless, be careful over there in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands….praying for you lots. Hay. Might wanna update your dcb website.  ^..^  To Remedy the situation there…yuk yuk.

  • Yes!! Cant wait! already purchased my ticket, and will begin camping outside forest hill church in charlotte, NC to get the best seat in the house! haha yall are gr8! 

  • ahhh what happened to so cal? :(

  • ABILENE HERE WE COME!  Whooooo Hooooooo!

  • dang it Dave!  when are you coming to Southern California?!?

  • Got my tickets! I can’t wait for the show… well I guess I can… I guess I have to. I’m still stoked though!

  • Dude Memphis, TN always shows love man very disappointed your not even coming within 5 hours of us.

  • yay new album!!

    but tell me the truth…

    how do you feel about offering some extra credit assignments to those of us who live too far away to attend one of these concerts but would still like the opportunity to earn a free song? 

    like penning a short story or poem or 2000 word essay on what david crowder* band means to us, or a shadowbox of the band at a concert, or a book report on everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die….?  

     i’m open to suggestions, have no shortage of free time this summer, and would pretty do anything for free dc*b music 

  • i can’t wait! see you guys in nyc!

  • Ooooh LOVE the poster. But I’m still bummed you guys aren’t going to be anywhere near me. C’mon, how about a trip to Ottawa one of these years? :)

  • Yay!  See you from the front row in Chicago on October 24!  Can’t wait!

  • Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to finally see you again in NYC last time I saw you was the first time I heard of you, at Passion 2003 in Boston.

    Very eager to see you again. God bless

  • i can’t wait to see you in concert david! i just bought the LAST 11 priority tickets to your houston show! it’s now sold out. w00t!! i had 12 friends though..

  • i got mine!!! see you in chicago!!!

  • we have our tickets! thanks for coming to Seattle again. also, really really love the song “he loves you”. what a great song.

  • I could potentially go to the Lancaster, PA show or the Chicago, IL show… both are sold out!!! What can I do???Plus… any chance that you could be at Ignite Chicago this year???

  • Yo.  I don’t know of a better way to contact you, so I’ve resorted to this.  If you haven’t found the Cake Wrecks blog, you need to go check it out.  The first reason is, let’s face it, cake is good.  The second is that with your amazing sense of humor, I believe you will have a great appreciation for the awesome works of art that comprise this blog.  I can actually hear some of the things that this girl types coming out of your mouth.

    See ya October 29th at IBC!  My birthday is the day after, so I’m looking forward to hearing you play me a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday on the keytar.  Just wanted to give you a heads up so you’d be prepared.

  • I have my tickets for Seattle!! can’t wait

  • im sad. it was the 14th around 10pm. didnt work. i guess because it was already past midnight in texas. (im in california) =(

  • So..I waited too long for the presale (pay day was the 15th) and then bought the 40.00 VIP tickets for Abbotsford…:) Our church rocks a coffeehouse & deli/all-ages venue in Burlington between Abbottsford and Seattle… you should stop by for lunch on your way through. :) Unless of course you are travelling in the middle of the night..we close at 7pm.  If you come we’ll hang your picture on the wall like they do at Benihana. :)

    check it out!

  • Hey, we need in you in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids.

  • DCB  I am really serious when I say can you come to Scotland for a wee tour. Perth, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow… diamondboy09@yahoo.com   My name is Rev Jim Stewart and will be glad to hear your response….. http://www.lethamstmarks.co.uk  

    Hi im Hannah(his daughter) I think you are awesome, and I love your music. You were amazing at frenzy!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO PERTH!  x

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