June 24, 2009

  • lot’s of fun stuff happening…

    happy to report that the presale tickets went like crazy. twice as many as the remedy club tour. seriously, crazy! but sept is way too far away. killing me.

    so, episode 3 of the rockumentary was posted. it’s my favorite scene of someone getting their face owned. i’ll include it here in case you haven’t seen it yet. the next one is going to be my favorite though. it’s title is going to be “twitter will kill you”. awesome.

    also, if you haven’t heard, the new radio single, which is a cover of the fantastic song, “how he loves”, is now available on itunes. this is the radio version, the album version is completely different. it’s really tough to get the emotion of this song into a 4 minute radio format. it’s just a dang good song though and we want every single person on the planet to hear it. right before we started recording the new album, “church music”, i was on a plane flight listening to a friend of ours cd when this song started playing. about a minute into the thing i was weeping like a small child. it was slightly embarrassing, seeing as i was on a plane in the near proximity of other humans whom i didn’t wish to frightened. but dang, this song! i don’t know how i avoided hearing it for so long, but i knew there were more people out there like myself that hadn’t heard it yet and i became determined to change that. it’s one of those you just want to sing. here’s the link:

    David Crowder Band - How He Loves - Single

    and don’t panic, if you are disappointed that the first song we release is a cover of a song that’s been out for several years now, you’ll be happy to know that “church music” has no less than 17 songs on it. 73 minutes of music. there is one other cover, a flyleaf song titled “all around”, that we gave a piano/string/weird-ambient-noises treatment to, and the starting song is, “phos hiliron,” (also known as “gladdening light” or “evening hymn”) the earliest known christian hymn still in use, but the rest are brand new, never recorded before tunes. it is a massive amount of music. think of it as our stimulus package.

    edit: i just went to itunes and the radio single is number one on the christian/gospel music chart, which is pretty cool. then i went to check the main itunes chart, you know, just to see, not expecting anything to pop up there, but what do you know, there it was at number 89 (i think) just above miley cyrus’s song “hoedown throwdown”. so i did what i had to do, i had no choice, i downloaded it – hoedown throwdown! yes! she’s just being miley.

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  • Dude, even the radio version is quite fantastic! I can’t wait for the whole album!

  • @Cspears20 - thanks much. you are kind and i am appreciative.

  • Finally! A stimulus I actually benefit from! The score now stands corrected: lame-o economy 0 to DC*B fans 1

  • i’m appreciative that you are appreciative of your fans.  thank you.  oh, and your music is great too!

  • i thoroughly love “How He Loves”.  It really is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard.  I discovered it a while back when I found the Youtube of John Mark McMillan telling the story of the song.  I am glad you are putting it out for more of the world to hear.  Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

  • LOVE it. especially because my business name is whatHEloves.  :)

  • Boom clap, boom de clap de clap.  I can’t wait for the rest of the album (yours, not Miley’s)!  And for you to be in Atlanta!

  • now if “hoedown throwdown” (ugh) beats “how he loves”, it just may, in fact, be your fault. just sayin…

  • currently downloading on aggravatingly slow school library internet. obviously can not wait until i get back home. it the meantime, cover for the single is fab.

  • The Rockumentary’s are PRICELESS man… And I’m not just a doting fan ;)
    The pool bit was the stuff of legend.

    Haha well done.

  • 17 tracks??? YES! It’s my dream come true! After Remedy’s 10 song tracklist (which was still a great album) I was hoping for a much longer album this time around, akin to A Collision, and it looks like you’ve delivered again. Kudos to you!

  • Amazing song even if it’s the radio version. I can’t stop listening to it!! Can’t wait for your new cd to come out and I will see you once you come to Tulsa. Pre-ordered tickets :)

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my favorite songs, covered by one of my favorite artists. THANK YOU.

  • Nice!  I am so looking forward to the album!  (Yes, I said “sOOoo”)

    I can definitely tell just by listening to it that “How He Loves” has ministered to you in a deep way, even if it is only the radio version.  Thank you for sharing it with us!

    God bless!

  • can u cover hoedown throwdown?? haha

  • LOVE the Rocumentaries. Very entertaining. They make me laugh out loud every time. BWhack, being a color pencil person, I loved the crayon sniffing scene!!  Cannot WAIT for the new 17 song cd. THANK YOU for new music!  The other cd’s of yours (all but 1 of them!) I have must have literal grooves worn into them by now. Counting the days until you come to my town, I have an extra special ticket so we are near and dear!  God bless, pray for you all, all the time. Always glad when you’re safe “back in the states”. Now behave.

  • i didn’t read it right at first and thought it said hoetown throwdown

  • I truly enjoyed the song, and the weeping too! It sure is an amazing song. Can’t wait for the album release, in the meantime I’ll see you in Olathe, CO.

  • just wondering what the lyrics are in the place of “sloppy wet” kiss. I liked them as art the way thay were but can see the need to change them for the coporate body to be able to sing without causing “the weaker ones to stumble”. I am all about sacramental theology and us being the gospel, and so I am also very much a fan of striving for community and I beleive that while the words “sloppy wet kiss” are no more inapropriate than many of the Songs of Solomon, or even some of the Psalms, I do think that(at least for my congregation) they can be a stumbling block for some of Gods Sons and Daughters, and so again, I appreciate so much the effort to bring unity to the body. Sorry if this is long, but I just couldnt quite tell wht the new lyrics were, and I would love if you could tell me. I have been wanting to use this song since I heard it(a few months ago), but have never been quite able to figure out a way to use it….that is, until now :)

    thanks so much for all you do for the Body


  • I’m totally excited to hear the album version of “How He Loves.”  The first time I heard this song I cried as well and, as much as I adore your version, I was slightly disappointed at its brevity. However, I should not have doubted. It is beyond the power of words and the space provided to express my excitement, thanks and adoration for the opportunity to worship God with such Church Music.

  • see…right now you’re down to #100! i did my part and helped you out, tho!!

  • Dude… I had heard part of this song before. I thought the new version was quite good and I thought you were singing, “Heaven needs earth like an overseen kiss.” I almost cried. I looked up the lyrics and they apparently say, “Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss.” I cried. Then I listened again to your deal and it still sounded like overseen… what am I missin’?

  • Thank you so much for giving a head’s up on this, I don’t listen to Christian radio, or that much Christian music for that matter. I want you guys to know, I trained another group in Fort Worth to go into the clubs and they went last night and although the management was skeptical at first (of course they are) I told them to just stick to their guns of loving in the name of Jesus and they were allowed in and met so many girls!!! I have been doing this eight years now. And your song Can You Feel It is STILL the song I hear every time I go in. I can’t wait for the album to come out! WOOO HOOOO!!!  If I do a youtube of the girls being vertical gymnist to that song, are you going to sue me, cuz I am so tempted??!!

  • polka dot it, Crowder. Polka dot it.

    Anyway, sad to say I couldn’t participate in the pre-sale extravaganza because the closest concert is 3 hours from me. On a school night. It’s devastating.

    So excited to hear the rest of the album, and come closer to the triangle next time you’re in NC!

  • just got it. Very Beautiful and very tear-worthy.

  • i’m with sweettartmayra…
    can you DANCE the hoe down throwdown? please? better yet, get the whole band to dance it.

    i double dog dare you to dance it and video tape said performance.

  • Thank you so much for doing the cover of John Mark’s Song “How He Loves”!! It wrecks me everytime I hear it.  I am so happy to know the world will hear this amazing song done by you guys & hopefully will lead more people to John Mark McMillan’s album (which is AMAZING!!).

    You guys rock! Your music & lyrics completely ROCK & bring all the praise & glory back to Him who gives us all life & breath.  Thanks for making such a beautiful song unto the Lord!

  • “Radio versions” are one of those necessary evils, I think. On the one hand, it really irks me that radio doesn’t have the patience for anything that lasts over about 4 minutes (probably ’cause it gets them less time for spinning other songs/ads/beggining listeners to donate money), and so if a really good album track is longer than that, it’ll either never get played, or it’ll get extremely hacked and slashed up and just serve to alienate anyone who actually likes the artist and owns the album. On the other hand, it’s probably better for the artist, at least on a business level, if the thing gets played at all, so a radio version can be a sensible compromise. I feel more comfortable about it in a case like yours where the radio version is something the artist supervised, and not just a lazy edit where they cut out a bridge or pre-chorus or some essential element of the song just to get it down to an acceptable length. (I stopped listening to Christian radio largely because of the latter – they were managing to make me hate songs that I loved on the CD by cutting me off just when they were getting to the good part. What my brain expected to hear due to owning the CD and having played it several times over turned out to be rather jarring when it wasn’t what my ears actually heard. And we’re not talking just cutting a couple renditions of a repetitive chorus. Christian radio doesn’t seem to mind those, especially as far as worship songs are concerned.)

    However, I’m making these comments without having heard either version of your new song, so for all I know, both could be equally valid interpretations of the song. But the album version is gonna be, y’know, on the album, so just due to the nature of how I listen to stuff, that’s gonna be the version I come to know and enjoy the most.

    In any event, I’m glad that despite the Christian music industry’s short attention span, you’re not afraid to spend 17 tracks worth of an album on a good history lesson. The listeners out there who don’t have ADHD appreciate stuff like this.

  • Brought tears to my eyes, very moving. Awesome as usual! 

  • what a great song. so surprised that you didn’t write it, it sounds like you…lyrics and all. when it first came on the radio i called by brother-in-law (who is also my pastor) told him loudly to turn on Spirit 105.3 and then slammed down the phone. he used to that. same story as you, he heard it and had to hold back the tears. when i heard it, i was unable to move. literally stunned and all my thoughs rushed to God. so, no, i never heard of this song until now. thanks for covering it.

    just curious, when Jack got whacked with that pool net cleaner thingy…was that planned? i about fell off my couch laughing.

  • Wednesday morning I bought the song. Could not stop listening to it. Wednesday day I kept starting to sing it, but would begin to cry and it’s a little awkward to cry while singing while walking down the sidewalk or in a bus. Thursday I was singing the song to myself in Chelsea, walking around. Now I’m singing it in Harlem. 3 neighborhoods down, a few to go. BTW. NYC club tour show was an emotional explosion in my heart. Any plan to play there again? People here like you guys

  • I heard “How He Loves” on the radio yesterday while driving my car and I almost peed my pants. I immediately recognized it.  I heard John Mark sing it while attending The Morning Star School of Ministry in NC. That song is so powerful and I am so so happy so many more people will be able to hear it now. Congrats on making the #2 spot on the Christian radio station!

  • Dear Mr. Crowder and Extraordinary Associates,
    Great show last night at Creation.  No seriously, y’all rocked.  You might have seen me, in the white shirt all the way at the back leaning against the pavillion tapping my foot and enjoying praising God with you and everyone else.  It completely rocked.  Also, Thank you for not being all ‘one two check’ when you were setting up.  Three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine appreciated your attention.  Can’t wait for the new album.  You guys are my favorite “Rock out for Jesus in the car’ Band.  Can’t wait to see you when you come this way in November. 

  • I am so thrilled (beyond measure) that DC*B has released “How He Loves” …as this is absolutely one of my all time favorite songs. Our worship leader began singing this several months ago and I have been wanting it on my iPod. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for choosing to do this song!!! I love DC*B & I love this song… two of my favorites have united!!!

     BTW, You guys do an awesome job with ”How He Loves” !!! (& Dave, if you think this song can make you cry, you should hear Heather Land @ Trinity Fellowship in Pampa, TX sing it… it’ll bring you to your knees in tears! …not to take away from your performance at all, but you’ve got to hear her!)

  • i love the song “how he loves” and was really excited when you played it at creation this past week. now i’m even more excited that it’s your new single & am anxiously awaiting “church music”

  • Dave,

    It takes a lot to get me to laugh out loud.  You’re three for three with these Rockumentaries.  You should put them on a DVD with this release.

    I have to ask, with the tour and all- can you look at coming to Albany NY and the Palace Theatre??  Eddie Vedder opened his mini tour there on June 8th and 9th.  It’s an old theatre that’s been re-done.  The sound is awesome.  Third Day and DecemberRadio played there last year…and dude, you can have Eddie’s dressing room!


  • Awesome cover of “How He Loves.”  Truly one of the most moving songs I have ever heard.  Also, I cannot wait to hear the Flyleaf cover.  The lyrics of “All Around Me” are also amazing, and I can almost here the string/piano/ambient style being used with this song when I listen to it.  So far, I am preparing to have my jaw dropped by this album.  Blessings.

  • LOVE the redo of ‘how he loves us’ > got the youth group tickets for Oct tour – see ya’ll @ CreationNW!!…thanks for all the youtubing and bloggz – fanz like me love it!
    Jack’s the glue…Jack’s the glue!! LOL

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