October 25, 2009

  • goodbye xanga-land

    hello reader. i have a bitter sweet announcement. i’ve been hard at work on another space for the posting of items such as those that appear here. it is a bitter-like announcement in that xanga has been such a happy home for so very long and there are many memories, both joyous and tragic, held in these pages and it is hard to leave them dormant here. xangaland has been vast and welcoming and yet future lands beckon. and so there is sweetness and excitement for the journey ahead. future postings here will links to the new site and notice of updates and then – somber silence.

    i think it would be fitting and appropriate to leave our favorite xanga memories as we say goodbye. i’ll start it off with a couple and will continue to comment along with you when you remind me of something i had forgotten about or remember fondly as well.

    thank you xanga, it’s been a good run.


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  • my favorite
    recent post was the the bwack green screen photos. unbelievable. the stryper
    one is my favorite. another fav was friday 14, march 2008 when the phrase, “we
    are semantics, here are some antics,” came along. i still put the phrase to
    good use. and of course there was the live/chat feed from the remedy tour. i miss you live/chat feed. maybe there will be one on the new site from time to time. yes, there must be.

  • Haha commenting on your own post….nice.

    You will be missed; your posts were always entertaining. I still hold that the post about the squirrel (I think it was at least a year, if not two ago) was amazing. I also liked the “Twitter will kill you” post.

    Where are these “future lands”?

  • I think I speak for xanga-land when I say I’ll miss you too. 

  • ***Sunday, 30 March 2008*** ~~~ Rock Paper Scissors! :)   Too much fun!

  • oh no! i too will miss your posts

  • Ah, yes, I will miss your quirky yet awesome and entertaining posts on xanga. It was fun being able to read them on the somewhat hidden and non-mainstream blogsite like xanga.

    My favorite had to be the one where I got the “favorite comment.” I believe it was the video of the Radiohead spoof..

  • my favorite moments:  posting the gear used for recording process…

  • Thank you Dave and the band! Looking forward to your new blog place.

  • My favorite memory is when I sent you a note, and you replied!  But alas, where you go, I will follow…

  • my favorite thing was being able to catch some of the remedy tours that i wasn’t at.  good stuff.  also when you put a map on here for a collison, alas i had your fake xanga at the time, so i was not there.  but looking back, it’s good stuff.

  • i remember when you made me your favorite comment. it was a very joyous occasion for me :)

  • Ah, well this is a sad thing. I always looked for your comments here. What about almost clapping Miss America’s nose off??  That is the funnist story I have heard since you and Richard Simmons in your book!  But times do change. I hope you personally leave us some reading material somewhere else, for I relish these tidbits. I will miss them.  ROCKED at Grand Rapids Saturday, you guys looked SO classy!  I lost track of where you were, though, and didn’t get a picture of you. Very dismayed, but next time. After you leave us, it’s a big letdown, just like an  athlete in the Olympics.  The big event is over, and now I am fighting sadness! How dorky is THAT??  Thank you for all your stories for us here, and for praising God with us Satrday…come back real soon now, ya hear??  We LOVE YOU in Grand Rapdis!!!! Praying for ya. Signed, your “wooden shoe” girl

  • Also, I have to say, Saturday with you was so glorius, so special, that night was like magic, man. It was th mostest wonderfullest night I have even spent with you guys. WHAT a woderful, blessed night!! :o )  Thank you!  The new cd is FABULOUS!!!

  • line rider videos, and stories of bwack’s attention span were among my favorites.

  • My favourite moment was when you released the Remedy Limited Ed, and there was one person who was a little bummed about having to buy a whole new cd for just one new song, so you offered him a free copy: which he declined.
    So you gave it to a girl that asked if she could get his free copy! Genius.
    Kudos to you, Free CD Girl.

  • When I realised one of the songs from Church music used my fave track that you laid down during your travels I was pretty excited. So excited that I waded through all your posts to find it … forgetting that I could have just gone to the audio page. 

  • Why would you leave this somewhat mediocre site? All the thirteen year olds in the world hold on to this and you were their only shred of intelligent conversation. You didn’t punctuate your sentences with OMG and LOL you merely spoke in a way that made anyone who doesn’t text 23 hours of the day laugh out loud. You have left a hole in the heart of people who still cling to the titanic known as Xanga. We still appreciate the efforts of the Xanga team who never actually do anything to improve the site. We still believe…….

  • @Rubik321 - actually, i didn’t realize how much press i’ve given bwack until looking back through this stuff. he’s a star!

  • I’m definitely going to miss your posts here. The largest thing that sticks out is “Twitter Will Kill You,” but all of your posts have made me smile or laugh in one way or another.

  • I’m gonna have to say my favorite was that video with the song about a chimpanzee riding on a segway. It was stuck in my head for hours, and thinking about it now has gotten it stuck in my head all over again. Good times.

  • @The_Cranston - ONUD!!! dewd 4COL! the X is 2G2B4G!!! don’t be hatin. 4EAE it will reign!

    AAYF david ::poof::
    ps. ROFL 
    pss. SCNR

  • A little part inside me just died…..

  • my favorite moment was the unintentional political statement at the dove awards.  hilarious!   the “favorite comments” were enlessly entertaining.  it was a great run. . .

  • empriseTV… *sniff*

  • i enjoyed this bit of foreshadowing…

    it’s almost better than the album version imho. 

  • Sadly, Xanga could no longer hold such an amazing blog from such an amazing band. I’m surprised you’ve stuck it out here for this long! Xanga reminds me of the past, and I think I’m gonna find my favorite Xanga post for my new blog :) .

    Looking forward to the future of DCB!

  • oh nooo where are you going??? (wordpress? lol join the club :P )

  • I sincerely enjoyed your conspiracy theory regarding FedEx, including your astute observation that the “e” was positioned in proximity to the “x” such that the two made an arrow. I point that out to people all the time, and the response is always the same: “No whey!” I have weird friends. 

  • wish you would change your mind. please stay

  • your xanga was where i discovered ‘chimpanze riding on a segway’, which was then forced on all my friends. and of course learnign how to better mow my yard by seeing bwacks incredible inventivness. you will be mised here in xangaland 

  • David, you probably dont remember me but I have been following your xanga ever since B-wack gave me a drumstick back in fresh 2005 I think.  It helped fuel me and my drums.  It was the concert where you first showed the key-tar in LA.

    You also asked us for a slice of pizza at JAMA in Texas and you took various pictures with members of our church.

    I love your album and I wish I could listen to you guys live. 

    I’ll miss your xanga posts.  God Bless

    -Gary Kim

  • I think my favorites were mentioned already.  :)

    Glad I’m not the only one that appreciated your posts about mean squirrels. 

  • It’s been fun. Thank you! I will miss the empriseTV.

  • Dear David Crowder & Co,

    At last, I, too, can abandon this site (which I have hated for many many moons).  I held on so that I could recieve emails with your eloquent ramblings. 

    Throughout all your posts, I have enjoyed the precision of language.  Your vocabulary is beautiful; fitting, as you’re a poet.  You sent me to my dictionary more than once to be enlightened. 

    Thank you for the entertainment,

    Anna Lisa

  • I cannot pick a favorite because I love them all….

    I loved the invite to the hoedown..that was good times!
    more recently, the post about the GMAs was very entertaining.
    eTV was the greatest. met wonderful friends (who I am meeting up with to see shows this week!)
    I enjoy reading what you have to say… your wit is very amusing. where is your new blog going to be?

    see you thursday (& friday!).
    thanks for the good times. please bring eTV back.
    please? thanks.


  • Crowder, 

    It is with a heavy heart that I write these memories. My favorite memory hands down has got to be Emprise TV. There were many a late nights waiting up to see if the band was going to join us that night in the chat. There were friendships formed in that chat that I still carry to this day. I remember waiting anxiously by the chat screen for golferjake to hold up his sign to say “hi” to all of us. I remember the old grandma trying to witness to me in the middle of Emprise TV conversation. I remember Rupert making his guest appearances on the screen. Ahh…I could go on and on. Know that you will be missed! R.I.P. Emprise34 

  • i had asked you on this your xanga if i should put an ad in my high school newspaper for dc*b when collision was released. you replied on my xanga something like “yes you should.” and i was ECSTATIC. haha! that was years ago, wasnt it!

    i love church music. it was a very new style for me, but it is amazing. i dont know much about music, but not only do i like the music, but the lyrics are awesome. it’s all about Jesus. and i love bwack’s lyrics! keeps me thinking and dreaming about that one day.

    God bless you and the band! Isn’t he amazing :)

  • crowderrrrrrrr…you can’t leave brother!

  • my favorite post contained the story of bwack, a raccoon(i think), and a small bathroom.  Xanga will miss you! Thanks for your exciting stories and up to date information! 

  • david, funny. when you were in Seattle i meant to ask you (but forgot) if you were done with xanga or not. and, by the way, thanks putting up with me getting a photo with you. re: xanga, i enjoyed ALL your posts. i’m a bit sad your leaving xanga but understand as the only reason i’m on this site was to read and reply to your posts. i’m just glad that you’ll be continuing on another site and not quitting altogether. there has been many times that your posts were exactly what i needed…sometimes laughed so hard i cried. i work so much that laughing is not something i do much these days. take care, glad you came to Seattle. it was a perfect night.

  • Aww, I don’t have an account anywhere else that you post, so I can’t comment excpet here. ;(

  • I love when you stood in front of Miss America at the GMA’s…and then it was on CNN…

    Also, BWACK AND THE GREEN SCREEN. of course.
    Love you guys, can’t wait for you to move to Arizona when you’re 60 so we can watch turner classic movies and drink coffee together. the whole band + the entire city of phoenix = awesome.

  • I remember reading about the encounter with the Gringo Killer. (I was home alone but totally laughing out loud.) You captured the intensity very well! 

    De uno gringo a un otro, gracias por las sonrisas.

  • are the terms of use more open for tumblr as far as sexual content? It seems like xanga’s more careful about what they allow to show up on their blogs. It seems like tumblr’s more open. What do you think about that? 

  • i’ve appreciated your incredible sense of humor, but also your posts after kyle’s death; thank you for your honesty.  and thank you for when you bought me a cd because i commented.  and thank you for inviting us to your home for the “i saw the light” recording, and for putting our names on the “a collision” cd and for putting up our pictures with such a lovely post… thank you so much for everything!

  • *sigh
    –“we are semantics, here are some antics”
    –”Jesus is My Friend” video (J-J-Jesus!)

  • my favorite memory ever is you responding to questions about the remedy tour, and one question was something along the lines of “i noticed they were serving alcohol at one of your venues. why is this?”

    i am still laughing at your response to this day

  • The best had to be Dave’s mishap at the Dove Awards….had me crying it was so funny.  And the Gringo Killer Salsa.  But, come to think of it, all the posts were amazing.  DC*B is amazing.  Enough said.

  • Correction to above post: mishap at the GMA Awards.

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