November 12, 2009

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  • You’re really having a hard time pulling yourself away from this site aren’t you? Xanga is like a festering, parasitic, fungus that latches onto your arm and won’t come off. In other words save yourself. I’m already lost. Go on without me…….

  • Saw a picture of you chilling at a coffee house on tour. I did not know if you downtime time today, but there is a second location of a cool coffee house near Mt Paran from last night in and Apartment complex Walton community because it is right on the Chattohocee river in vining on Akers Mill. Look it up it up if interested. Great relaxing peaceful spot  Later. Got PCC tonight with Louie.

  • What a wonderful piece! I’m graduated in Sculpture, yet I never practiced. My works in metal and tapestry have a lot in common with these forms. Thanks for sharing, and congratulaions on your work!

    Seen you at Etsy, and by the way thank you for making me a fave. :)

    925 sterling silver

  • cant be bothered going to the new one. happy new year david !!!!

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  • I am very sad to say that I’m not going to be able to catch up with you guys at the Canada Church music tour. Dave, I was like, 5 minutes too late to meet you in Jackson, MS a few years back, and I always told myself that if you were ever up here, I’d try to say hello.

    Unfortunately, finances are tighter than I had expected, so I’ll have to miss out. The really sucky part is that my job is literally about 5 minutes away from the venue. Sigh.

    I don’t know if you still check Xanga anymore, but if so, know I’m with you guys in spirit next Friday, and I wish I could’ve been there personally.

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