April 9, 2009

  • bwack be creepin’

    something really funny happened yesterday. well, i thought it was funny. here’s what went down.

    mark wrote a song about bwack. this made me laugh. mark raps in it and uses auto tune on his voice just like TI. this also was funny. then mark started talking about a video for the song about bwack. then we got to laughing really hard and thought it would be additionally funny if we told people that we were going to post a song on myspace that would give a little peek at the new album that we’ve been working on, the twist being we’d post the song about bwack, and this would be funny. and so mark did a public service announcement at the end of clip of the day 23 video announcing that we would be posting a song, a peek at the new album, at 10am the following morning. and he sold it too! i mean, i knew what was going on, but the announcement was so effective it made me want to tune in. and so i did. and sure enough, “bwack be creepin’” was there, just as promised, at 10am. i laughed really hard again. and then something unexpected happened.

    messages began showing up on our facebook and myspace and twitter indicating that a number of people did not consider this song a joke and believed it to be, in fact, a glimpse into the hard work we have applied ourselves toward in the studio these past few weeks. this made me laugh again, i dare say harder than those moments previously mentioned. i mean, that someone would think it is a possibility that we would include a song about our drummer on an official dc*b release is incredible. it is complimentary, to a very high degree, i think, that we could choose to go in such a distinctively unforeseen direction and a few people would still give us the benefit of the doubt. that’s amazing.

    but, i thought it might be helpful to create a list of rules for future reference when evaluating whether we are offering, what in our minds constitutes, a legitimate song possibility for an official dc*b release, or just an opportunity for you to express amusement along with us. so:

    1. if we ever use the word “bwack” in a song, it is most likely not going to be on our album.
    2. if we ever use the word, “david” or “mark” or “mike” or “jack” in a song, most likely not going to be on our album.
    3. if we mention “robots” or “splenda” in a song, safe to say, not going on the album and you are free to laugh.
    4. actually, robots are pretty cool, so i take back number 3.
    5. i should point out that number 4 was a joke, sort of.
    6. also, if you hear bwack talking about building a robot to play drums, he is serious. don’t laugh.
    7. and there’s this, mark raps surprisingly good. so, don’t count it out, but if you hear him rapping, it is probably an attempt at humor. unless he’s rapping about something serious, then don’t laugh, he becomes unusually sensitive when he is flowing.

    so, having cleared the air, here’s the world premier (actually it was up last night i think) of “bwack be creepin’”. its intended use is mere distraction and provocation of laughter; not composed for purposes of corporate veneration.

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