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  • haha! this is great!!!

  • amaz-za-za-zing… freakin’ awesome…

  • you are a wonderful band, but the acting in this video is sub-par. maybe you could improve its quality by adding in some of your music??

  • I loved the really bad references to certain artists/fads of the day. i “rofl”ed. even though i’m still sitting in my chair… wait. this logic doesn’t make sense… hm.

  • brilliant. as always. this makes me so happy.

  • haha. that was great! good stuff :D

  • I just tweeted this. Consider yourself twoted by @richbenavides. Sucka.

  • Definitely my favorite Rockumentary episode so far. Watching it, for some reason, that A&E show Intervention came to mind…or was it Obsessed? ;)

    I have stayed away from Twitter myself for those, among other, reasons. Seems like much ado about nothing.

    Dave, Awesome screamin’ skills.

  • man did you get roflpwned=)

  • hahaha my Tomagotchi (or however you spell it) died in the first week or two.

    That was hilarious!

    And I don’t follow anyone on Twitter. hahaha

  • I love the end, just like the little boy after the dentist…perfect!

  • That is FLIPPIN’ awesome!

  • Oh no, not the Tomagachi!

  • That was hilarious!  Hopefully i’ll see you at SWC Monterey.

  • uh, that was pretty fantastic.

    loved the spoof at the end!

  • I’d said it before and I’ll say it again, you and your rock band family… Genius. Thank you for making my life more enjoyable with your geniusness. 

  • woooooooooooo!

  • my wife needs to see this…..really bad.  we need an intervention!

  • Stunt Double!!!!!  I don’t like to see Dave get all messed up in the da head like that, though. We cannot be fooling around with that genius brain!!!  This concerns me.  Anxiously awaiting October 24th!!!

  • lol.  Well, not when you read this, or not really even while I’m typing this… it happened before I started typing it, I promise. The “lol” I mean.

    God bless,

  • absolutely amazing! Thanks for that :)

  • This is the best Rockumentary yet.

    Mr. Crowder – What kind of watch are you wearing in this episode. It is awesome.

  • You guys are not good actors but, still funny and creative. God bless u all!!! We waiting for the new album in Brasil!!!

  • bahahhahhahahaha sooo funny!

  • hi LAR I OUS!

    so serious. that is intense! 
    oh. and please vote for my picture on my page! im trying to win a scholarship! pass the word along please? thanx guys!

  • Friends don’t let friends tweet and drive :)

  • You guys should make a movie. I’d see it.

  • Do you guys ever listen to Jonathan Goldstein’s “Wiretap”? 

  • stinking hiliarious, well done

  • that was greaat!! i didn’t know that being hit by a car had the same effect on you as being drugged at the dentist ;)

  • Hey! Just discovered this blog, so I’m a bit late. Just wanted to say that I love this video! Deffinetly my favorite.

      I qoute this and talk about it, yada, yada. It’s just a really fun thing!

      I’ll see you all on tour! And I am totally asking for a rupert signiture!!!

  • wow!  Almost as awesome as the sox drawer!!!

  • Sock drawer?! Really?? I mean… it would be so much more interesting if there’s a video of you guys playing assassin with your socks, chucking your socks at each other.. That would be a spectacle.

  • Can you explain the sock drawer?  Is there a deep metaphor (related to the previously mentioned sock drawer)?  Am I missing something (again, related to the previously mentioned sock drawer…. or to your knowledge, regarding my life in general)?  Please advise, dear Sir.  Please advise.

    Best Regards,

  • twittering the instructions for CPR?! HAHAHAHAHA. if i used that line at work, i’d be out of a job!

  • Lovin’ the new CD. Keep up the good work, man.

  • In reply to alexboy: The sox drawer is a link found in the credits of Church Music, the CD. Crowder shows us something really special. His sock drawer. And I don’t belive it have any metaphor or sentimental value to it. I mean, that just might be kinda weird if it DID! And I am pretty confident it doesn’t. I’ve probably seen everything having to do with DC*B open to the public eye. (Stalker….JK…or maybe notO.o) 

      Anyway, since you didn’t post anything here about the new album, I’ll just go ahead and say I love it as I don’t have a twitter or facebook account. I LOVE IT!!!! If you ever get a bad review remember-they don’t know what good is. We all love it. We’re the ones who hang on your every note and word. :D All perfection. I am sure you guys are geniuses in secret. You’re just Einstiens under cover. I’m glad your under cover. ‘Cause you can make me music instead of science. Music like this is better. Sorry, rant. I’m listening to you right now. Creepy? Lime CD, on my DC*B playlist. Only by #8 on my most played do older songs come up by other artists. Then of course you pop right back up.

      Congrats on getting DC*B week on i-tunes! And for keeping your album up on the top 14 for so long! I mean, how many christian artists do that? How many artist anywhere do that? You guys are awesome!

  • I loved it ! And THEN, I saw the other video with the boy who came from the dentist ! ROFL FOR SURE !!!
     ; )  ;  )   I can’t wait to see you guys at Indy !

  • Dave – you rocked the house here in Las Vegas last night!  Thanks for a great night of worship.  Also, thanks for sending the personal video message for our church – I added it to the promo video we made and our peoples dug it.

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